Xero Migration

We’ve migrated dozens of businesses from MYBO to Xero. We have a step by step process to ensure that the transition is smooth and cost effective.

  • Review of your existing MYOB data and cost estimate.
  • Preparation and reconciliation of your MYOB file to ensure the data is ready to convert from MYOB to Xero
  • Linking Xero to your bank accounts, Paypal & other 3rd party services.
  • Setup a Xero online file with general ledger accounts, contact cards, required financial information and conversion balances when needed. Once this is completed we can monitor and assist you with finalising your Xero account
  • Manual data entry of shoulder data into Xero (while you reach the end of financial year)
  • Xero training and brief on which tasks need to be performed regularly to keep your file up to date.