Small Business Bookkeeping

Small business is tough, but ultimately very rewarding. Our goal is to create long term relationships with all of our small business clients. From inception, to growth, to BAS and payroll Figurit can take the hassle out of starting, running and ultimately growing your small business. We’re there when you need it most.

We Fit Your Business

In consultation with you we can create a tailored plan to manage your accounting needs. We can use your preferred accounting software such as MYOB or XERO or we can suggest a solution to fit your needs if you are starting from scratch. We also offer upfront pricing and monthly payment plans.

We Can Recommend Accountants & Financial Services

We work closely with two of the Sunshine Coast’s leading accounting firms (that don’t charge an arm and a leg). We’re happy to introduce you when your business requires more robust financial planning and assistance. And if we’re already doing your books you can expect a substantial reduction in your accounting fees because they are in such good order.

We Do As Much (Or As Little) As You Need

Often clients will come to us because they just need something “fixed up” and they are adamant they want to monitor and manage their books themselves. That’s ok, but almost 99% of the time we end up handling all their bookkeeping, saving them time, money and stress. Why? Because you have better things to do, and when your own business starts running hot the last thing you need to be doing at night is figuring out the paperwork.

So if you’re too busy for bookkeeping (or you just hate doing it), don’t worry about having to micro-manage your bookkeeper anymore. We can read between the lines and make your paperwork magically disappear!