MYOB Bookkeeping

Figurit has used MYOB for decades. We’re MYOB certified consultants and we’re up to speed with the latest versions of MYOB including the online editions.

If you use MYOB for your bookkeeping and your looking for a specialist to take over your accounts we’re ready. If you have yet to decide on an accounting package and would like some help deciding we can go over the pros and cons of MYOB with you.

There are multiple way’s (sometimes dozens) to enter data and structure your account. But only 1 or 2 of them is actually legitimate. When it comes time to submit your books to your accountant, a correctly structured MYOB file, with the data processed correctly, can save you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Furthermore as your business scales, if your MYOB account is structured badly from the start you can run into all sorts of issues.

That’s why here at Figurit we have a philosophy. MYOB is easy, good bookkeeping isn’t. And while MYOB is a good program, if coupled with a bad bookkeeper then it is money wasted.

So when we take over your MYOB file, we’ll do it right. We even offer training and advice on best practices and ongoing maintenance,, so you become a better bookkeeper yourself (and a more successful business owner)