LEAP Bookkeeping Sunshine Coast

Bookkeeping for Lawyers - LEAP Certified Consultants. Figurit Bookkeeping already works with several Law Firms on the Sunshine Coast who are now outsourcing their internal administration and bookkeeping division to our company.

We offer all our normal bookkeeping services along with the following benefits.

LEAP Certified Consultants

Figurit is now a Partner of LEAP Legal Software, the most popular provider of legal software and legal practice management software to small law firms.

As a Certified Consultant we are accredited by LEAP Legal Software as a reliable provider of support services for users of LEAP Accounting software.

For more information about LEAP Legal Software please visit www.leap.com.au

Available On-site

These days we perform most of our work remotely, often via XERO. However for Law Firms over a certain size we are able to provide on-site resources and staff if you prefer.

Monthly Retainer

We are able to quote legal clients for a monthly retainer, with a clearly defined scope of works and weekly activities.